Huge thanks to Flora for identifying the home of my dream and helping me throughout the home buying process. Her expertise and patience really helped me get through all my uncomfortable zones as a first-time home buyer. As in my research on selecting which agent to work with, I realized different agents have expertise on different aspects of buying a home. Two reasons I picked Flora as my first home advisor: 1. Flora’s experience as a property manager demonstrated her knowledge about homes and communities; 2. Flora scheduled a consultation meeting with me for an hour and printed out her notes on the home buying process to give me detailed explanations on each steps. At that point, I felt like this is the person whom I can put my trust in.


It was a very good experience working with Flora. She helped me buy a new home in a short time and beat the other compete offer. She is knowledgable about the location and house floor plan and professional in buying a house.


I bought my first home with Kun (Flora) as my agent. She is very knowledgeable of local house market and was able to provide options based on my personal preference. She has been very helpful, patient, and pleasant to do business with. I am extremely happy about the work she put in and result she delivers. I would recommend her as agent to my friends.


This is our first house. She helped us a lot in the whole process. She is very knowledgeable about real estate market. Most importantly, she is very honest, she gave us honest suggestions.


Kun is a professional buyer agent and an efficient communicator. She fought hard for us to get this beautiful home. I would reach out to her again if I want t buy another home in the future!


Flora is THE BEST buyer agent you can have!

She’s very knowledgable about the market and the procedures, and has great passion in helping her client getting the best property under their budget. She has a great sense of how hot some properties are, and will make solid recommendations on whether you should make a very fast offer, or wait a bit for the price to drop and negotiate.

She is super patient in answering any questions we have, and helping to address our concerns by communicating with the listing agent very effectively. Also, Flora is better than some other agents I’ve met before in that she actively share with you what she does NOT like about a certain property even if you like it, letting you know about some potential concerns. She’s always looking to find you the best deal, while some other agents I’ve worked with and heard of might just want to see you purchase a property as soon as possible and close the deal.

All in all, Flora has everything you hope for from a buyer agent! I simply cannot endorse her more!


Let’s be honest, rational, and realistic: buying a home can be the hardest, most stressful and overwhelmed event in our lives. One may be lucky enough to have a smooth experience, but no one is chosen to be lucky or would like to take the chance. While the most important decision in the entire process is which home to buy, choosing an agent/broker comes second. Here comes all my experience with Flora Sun so you can think about whether she’s right for you.

Let me write down my experience on four major competences of Flora:

1.Integrity. I have been trying to buy a house in greater Seattle area for more than six months. Flora is very patient from day one and always gives professional opinion in the best interest of me, even when it means giving up a trade!!! A lot of brokers are too trigger happy even if they are aware that you might be triggered by a small factor which is not rationally very important. So it’s very fortunate to have Flora work with me. Her integrity is a gem and her patience is a gift.

2.Knowledge. Flora has been working in the real estate market in greater Seattle area for more than 5 years. She knows the local market inside out. Take the most important feature, location, for an example, Flora would explain to us in details about the traffic, neighborhood, schools, and even potential natural hazards (not the Big One but more specifically). As a result, Flora has been able to prepare and provide valuable inputs for every single house we viewed. Further, her knowledge promotes the process of searching relevant houses. We were able to quickly find and focus on our interested houses.

3.Execution. I found my loved house. Flora ran the show completely. She made an earliest possible appointment and we viewed the house as the first among about 5 tours in a few hours. Pre-inspection was then scheduled in an hour by an experienced inspector who would only accept unplanned plan from Flora. Day and night, Flora worked really hard to coordinate, call, text, and report. We gave our offer within 30 hours and there turned out to be more than three offers. Things come and go, eventually, we finalized our dealing process!

4.Diligence and being super responsive. Flora is always on time and responsive. You are supposed to hear back from her within ten minutes if not less. She is also very flexible with her schedule. If you prefer weekend, no problem. If you would like to view a house during the weekday, no problem. Busy during daytime and want to go with 7pm, no problem.

liming maths

Flora is knowledgeable on the whole process of finding a dream house. She is not push and understands her clients’ needs well. Our house has several competing offers but with her great negotiation skills, predictions on setting competing house prices, and effective communication with selling agent, sellers accepted our offer. Thanks a lot for her hard work and highly recommend Flora to all buyers.



Flora helped me find my dream home. She is very considerate and enthusiastic with 6 years experience. In the offer she proposed, I can find she is dynamic and persuasive with high energy! Also, she is ethical, practical, experienced and successful. Highly recommended!

Hong Ma

Kun is an excellent agent who helps me a log during buying my first property. She gives me a lot of professional advice, responds quickly and answers any questions I have. Finally, she made a very competitive offer to help me win the bide. I am so glad to cooperate with Kun.

Leo Li

Kun was very patient and professional. We have learned a lot of knowledge for how to identify good houses. She always kept us posted for the communication between her and the seller. She also helped us clear all the obstacles during the whole process. Many thanks to Kun.


Flora is very personable and friendly. She provided me with great insight to make my offers competitive and ultimately helped me get the offer on the second day. Throughout the entire process we had many questions and Flora was always responsive and enthusiastic with her replies. We negotiated favorable terms and we could not have been more satisfied with the service and home buying experience Flora provided. Strongly recommend!


We found Kun through others’ recommendations, and decided to work with her. She is very knowledgable on things related to properties. She would point out good & bad things about a property, and is very honest on things that might be concerning. She also understands our requirements and expectations (even when we changed budget and requirements midway), and does not judge at all, just work to find the perfect match for you. And she did not push us at all during the process. When we found the property we want, she was very quick on communications with the seller & agent, and got the offer ready very quickly. We enjoyed the house purchasing experience because she handled everything else for us. I have already recommended her to my friends, and would love to work with her in the future when we saved up enough for our next one! Lol


Flora is very professional and easy to get along with. With her help, we bought the house we desired without any hassle. The whole buying experience was great. Thank you Flora!


Flora is very professional and has proficient knowledge about the house itself and the local market in Washinton. She is very responsive, and she can analyze all aspects of the house and give professional advice instead of pushing you to give an offer. I bought my first house last year and I like it very much!

yinghua zheng1992

I worked with Flora on my first house hunting last year. She and her team are seasoned real estate agent in the market. With highly professionlism, during the process, she and her team starts from understanding and evaluating the client’s need then picking up target unit and schedule touring, finally making practical strategy before the bidding process. If offer accepted, they provide useful guidance on how to close the deal. Overall, her team is fully devoted for best interest of client. I would like to partener with Flora again if there is a future opportunity. Great experience overall!

Allen Caixy

Floral Sun and her team helped me in my house buying and post-buying period.Her team is super professional, responsive, answering a lot of questions for me, comparing trade offs between houses, keep following up with LA, and finally they helped me buy a house with very responsible prices in this hot market. After close the house buying process, they continue answering the questions for me about any house related questions, like remodel, gardening, roof, etc. I’m very happy about the whole process, and would highly recommend her team!


I worked with Flora and her team last summer to purchase my very first property in US and the entire experience is extremely smooth and fun. Without much knowledge in real estate space and being an indecisive person my whole life, Flora and her team was very patient and walked me through the process step by step. Right now I am living in my new townhouse and feel very satisfied! I got to know Flora from a friend’s referral and I also referred a few friends after working with her. I would rate Flora and her team 10/10 and I am sure our road will cross again in the future.

Xiaoshuang Wang

It was such a pleasure to work with Flora when purchasing our new home. Flora and her team gave us great support. She helped us navigate the market and adjust our expectation. She understood our need and was always very thoughtful. No pushing, no hard feeling, which is super important to buyer in such a crazy market. Her team is super responsive and can always satisfy our tour request quickly. Even after the deal is close, she was still there for us, helping us communicated with the seller and giving excellent suggestion for our remodeling projects.

Really appreciate having Flora as our agent.

Lindsay Z.